7 Amazing Koi Fish Tattoos

Koi Fis Tattoo on Shin

These 7 Koi fish tattoos are all beautiful in their own ways. Each one of these tattoos were professionally done and are high quality. If you are thinking about getting a Koi fish tattooed on your skin, look at some of the images below for inspiration. These are just a select few of the millions of different design options that you have in getting a Koi tattoo. It’s important to get a tattoo that represents who you are as a person.

The green of the plant pedals compliment the bold navy blue of the Koi fish. Motion is shown really well in this tattoo, with the waves and the wind moving with the Koi. The Koi features an aggressive facial expression, showing the more determined side of a Koi.
This tattoo features striking contrasted colors of black and orangish red. There is an aggressive attitude portrayed by this particular Koi tattoo. The waves surrounding the fish are shown as powerful and the Koi is leaping with strength.
This orange Koi has a light color which really amplifies the beauty of this tattoo. Surrounded by red flowers, the orange fish is swimming upwards. This tattoo is light and friendly, showcasing what can be done with a Koi design.
The red and blue of this tattoo are pop off the skin really well. Contrasted by the dull colors of the water, the koi fish is seen in all it’s glory.
This gentleman’s tattoo features beautiful gradients of the scales. The fish is intertwined in flowers found under the water.
This tattoo is rather simple. The minimal use of lines brings to light the simplistic nature of a Koi.
Koi Fish tattooed across the back of a man. The Koi fish is leaping above turbulent waters in an Japanese setting.